Make the switch before the Solar Hot Water Rebate ends

Make the switch before the Solar Hot Water Rebate ends

22 Jun, 2011 11:43 AM
AWARD winning Solarhart dealer Narooma Plumbing is urging Narooma area residents to apply for the Solar Hot Water Rebate before it ends.

Consumers wanting to reduce their power bills and invest in a solar hot water system are being urged to get in quick and make the switch by June 30 before the NSW State Government ends its solar hot water scheme whereby home-owners receive a $300 rebate when they replace an electric water heater with a solar, 5-star gas or heat pump alternative.

From July 1, the $300 rebate will no long be available to New South Wales residents however the Federal Government’s solar hot water rebate of $1,000 will still be offered to eligible households and incentives such as Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs), previously known as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), will remain in place.

Solarhart national manager Stephen Cranch said that consumers wanting to take advantage of the $300 rebate and the Federal Government rebate should get in now.

“With an end to the State Government’s rebate just around the corner, consumers wanting to go solar to reduce their energy consumption should really organise it immediately,” Mr Cranch said.

“If they miss the deadline, however, New South Wales families will still have access to generous Federal Government financial support and incentives.

“The rebates may not be around forever particularly if the demand for solar hot water increases, so consumers should definitely look to get in while they can.

With electric water heaters accounting for around 25 per cent of household energy consumption, switching to solar hot water is a great way for home-owners to reduce their household bills.

By replacing an electric water heater with a green-friendly solar hot water system, residents can enjoy reduced household energy consumption of up to 65-75 per cent.

“Greenhouse intensive electric water heaters are also planned to be phased out across the country from next year so if the proposal goes ahead, homeowners needing to replace their hot water system after 2012 will be required to install an environmentally friendly alternative including a solar water heater, heat pump or 5-star gas water heater. This means now is the perfect time to go solar,” Mr Cranch said.

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The typical household uses 10,000 to 15,000 BTUs of hot water per person per day. A 20 vacuum tube solar collector can produce 30,000 BTUs on a summer day with a footprint on a roof of only 36 square feet. The system can provide 100% of summer hot water ... 
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