Solar heaters made a must-have

Dubai Municipality will not approve licences after March 4

Solar water heaters will be mandatory for all new buildings in Dubai after March 2012.

Arabic daily ‘Al Bayan’ reported Dubai Municipality will not approve any license for a building after March 4, 2012, unless the plans had solar water heaters.

Dubai Municipality confirmed “the conditions for installation of water heaters that run by solar energy should comply with standards and technical specifications set by the municipality,” the report stated.

An engineering consultant will be responsible for providing all designs and plans in drawings submitted for licensing.

Also, according to the conditions and standards of Dubai Municipality, the solar heating system should obtain a certification from the Dubai Central Laboratory.

The solar heating system should also come equipped with a backup system.

Khalid Al Mulla, director, Buildings Department at Dubai Municipality said the conditions included that, “The solar system should provide at least 75 per cent of the overall needs of the hot water in the building”.

He added that in the case of swimming pools the water heating system should be with a capacity of not less than 50 per cent of the total capacity required.

He added, “The operation and maintenance of the solar heating system should be installed by a company registered and licensed with the Department of Economic Development and approved by the Municipality of Dubai, with the need to clean and maintain the equipment periodically to ensure the continuity of operating efficiently.”


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The typical household uses 10,000 to 15,000 BTUs of hot water per person per day. A 20 vacuum tube solar collector can produce 30,000 BTUs on a summer day with a footprint on a roof of only 36 square feet. The system can provide 100% of summer hot water ... 
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