Sunwe History
Sunwe History:
2011 March, Sunwe team up and registered in Hongkong;
2011 April, Sunwe company registered in China mainland and factory start producing;
2011 July, SGS team inspected Sunwe factory and award us SGS certificate;
2011 Augst, Sunwe was awarded ISO9001:2008 quality management standard certificate;
2011 October, Sunwe start Solar Keymark and SRCC testing;
2011 November, Sunwe Solar Keymark and SRCC factory inspection is completed successfully;
2012 January, Solar keymark sample sent out. Feburary 10, sample arrived to Germany;
2012 April, Solar keymark and SRCC collector Interim results of power curve was issued;
2012 June beginning, Small collector testing report is complete;
2012 August, All testing for solar keymark is completed. Performance is very good;
2012 December, Sunwe received SRCC certificate;
2013 April, Sunwe made a new mould for solar collector and heat pipe solar water heater system.
2013 July, Sunwe passed the examination of ISO9001:2008 organiztion. And following ISO9001:2008 quality management system well.
The typical household uses 10,000 to 15,000 BTUs of hot water per person per day. A 20 vacuum tube solar collector can produce 30,000 BTUs on a summer day with a footprint on a roof of only 36 square feet. The system can provide 100% of summer hot water ... 
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